Astrada Financial SICAV PLC


Astrada Financial SICAV plc offers the possibility of investing in funds with diverse selection of strategies for all investors, such as Equities, Fixed Income and Fund of funds.

Astrada Financial also extends to its clients the opportunity of constituting of their own investment funds, customizing it to their demand, while maintaining full autonomy under our SICAV’s umbrella.


Our mission is to meet and exceed all expectations of investors while remaining true to our core values: reliability, responsiveness, transparency.


Follows a traditional Swiss financial approach;

Modern automated intelligence for the selection of equities in global markets;

Access to a wide range of funds from diversified sectors worldwide;

Years of experience in financial sector with an extensive networking and relationships.


The brand is composed by Astrada’s logo and by a symbol.

Astrada Financial has an Occitan origin which means “luck and wealth” and in order to strengthen this meaning, we drew inspiration from an Occitan coin minted in Montpellier, Narbonne. This coin was commissioned by King Odo in 1196 in Toulouse Languedoc. The four circles symbolize the king’s name ODDO.

The brand represents our will to be an remain loyal to the values on which this firm is built.

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